Monday, 28 March 2011

How Google Calculate the Page Rank

Monday, 28 March 2011


There are many legends about something that has no a priori scientific definition, something like the recipe for Coca Cola. All we tasted their wisdom to make it, but nobody is able to reproduce accurately. But how and to what is calculated based on our Page Rank.
It would be unfair to say that the Page Rank is calculated as the square root of the sum of the two sides squared. Obviously we define to Google, as an algorithm, even team is behind, because despite the magic that some believe that Google is sometimes do manually, the company philosophy to make sense of the information of millions of websites, can not be a manual task. So if we think of google algorithms, we can, as in every computer, do a little reverse engineering. So it is very important to know how google calculate page rank.

What variables in the calculation of Page Rank?
About a year ago there were those who held the idea that accumulate the highest number of links to your own web page made up the Page Rank. From a logical stand point, not a bad idea considering that the Page Rank in short, is nothing but a popularity rating. If our site gets many links means it’s very popular …. Right?

This proposal was not without foundation and it is true that Google is fairly supported this conclusion, so that webmasters began to realize that spamming, for thousands of sites became more popular your website, not only for users outside the advertised content, but Google itself, which felt deceived by these techniques greatly expanded to popular sites that did germinate links and more links for hundreds of public forums.

After several updates Google reacted. And it is quite absurd to think that you can fool par excellence who defines the game, simply because what happens is that the end of each item is put new rules.
Google takes action and then determines what I call particularly the ‘quality of links’. If you look or use the Google webmaster tools can see how many links there to our website.

Well the answer is simple. Not all the links on our site prove to be quality links to google and relevant to our site. When Google crawls the content of Web pages, ranks pages by their content, and is able to draw thematic relations. It would be very suspicious link from a website that offers sunglasses, as a web 100seotips because … .. What the link brings the user looking for sunglasses?

Will this mean that the link is not relevant? Well actually it is. These links have no weight in the calculation of our Page Rank, they are simply discarded, but be careful, that does not mean that from that page of sunglasses, we can recover traffic. This does not mean that the link is useless, of course if it is, if the goal is to raise our Page Rank.

Can you give a link quality independently?
We can not really do have a quality link or not. That quality, in our bond, it is given by the environment, where it is located, which, beyond being a reference to our site, and what that entails, it is very unlikely to think that our Page Rank is being served from some special links we have defined.

As I said a couple of times from this page, everything is much simpler than it seems. No magic. And if anyone thinks that what Google is unfair, that values, who is more unjust, and why.
When Google gets an algorithm capable of providing quality links, that’s when it determines that a page can do inherit quality standard to the page referenced.

This means that a page with Page Rank 6 can linker to another, barely relevant, and the second can of overnight, displayed as a page with Page Rank 4. Really a popularity rating of 4, is the right to a page that has just appeared as new in Google, and barely contained coverage?

Following this has created a black market of companies that have dedicated themselves to promote traffic links. I’ll sell you my Page Rank 7 site with a link to that reaches your Page Rank 6. The Page Rank 6 reaches, using the same philosophy sell links on your page to give Page Rank 5 to other pages, and so on.

Logically, this deteriorates the philosophy of the concept of Page Rank, since pages completely unknown and with little relevance in the form of overnight, is positioned as popular websites, which is a lie, and use this privileged position to embezzle the concept and enriched by a hoax.

Google changes its algorithm again determines the link agreements, purchased, and misused, and decides to be ignored in its calculation of Page Rank. This means that thousands of web pages that were sustained with little backlinks to their sites, only with 2 or 3 links purchased from websites of high Page Rank, positions became ridiculous, completely destroying the roots, and at a stroke, with the companies had based their core business to speculate on a specific concept of Google, and was not intended that some were giving.

Now many will explain the reason for the delay in their Google Page Rank Update this last time. Google “was working on it!”

And then now how is it going?
Then at the end of all this discussion we return to the top, but not at the beginning of this document, but the first line of this blog. Internet appreciates good content as the best weapon to compete online. If your content is good and useful, users will tell Google, put in a good place, that this content interests me, serves me, and exactly what I’m looking for when I put these words in the search.

Today Google has an algorithm for calculating Page Rank highly compensated. On the one hand, valuing only what are quality links, and should be part of the equation, where they come and Page Rank are the pages that provide, and how the growing volume of these links.
Of course, “if the page grows in quality links, the page is popular.”

So what must be done to increase the Page Rank?
Only one thing can be done. Give your users the information they expect when they visit your site. I visit because they expect to find either the content that you now have your users come back to visit, or because they hope to find how your site presents and think about the content you characterized.


smp 3 Lembang said...

How to calculare pagerank is still mystery for me

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I hope my Pagerank will be increase like your blog

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give the best content
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